Managed Grafana Alerting - need to include query result in the alert message template

Hi Everyone, Hope everyone is doing good :slight_smile: I am newbie working in Managed Grafana. We have set up an Managed Grafana account (name: devops-grafana-monitor) and built an custom dashboard (Azure- Resource Unavailability, please refer attached screen shot Custom1.png) for getting the list of unavailable virtual machines from the Azure Monitor data source. And also we are trying to set up the alert

by running a query (Azure Resource Graph query) which would give us a count of unavailable resources. On the same line if the resulting query count is more than zero then it would alert us giving the details of the unavailable virtual machines by giving their ID’s from the query result. We are trying to fetch resulting ID’s (column name) which are resulting from the query in the alert message box (please refer attached screen shot Custom3.png). But unable to load the dynamic values from the resulting query.

Could you please help us understand how to achieve this, as we did not find relevant documentation from the AWS side.

Thanks in advance,
Lakkappa RS