How to include Azure resource group name in Alerting template

I would like to include my azure resource group and resource name, the metric /namespace in the alert template but i’m not able to get this data included in my alert.

An example would be great…

I believe this is not possible with the current version of Grafana, based on this Github issue
Specific comment here
Grafana Devs, can we expect this feature to be included in any future releases?

Are you sure this is the same issue? it’s almost hard to believe that such a simple and basic thing is not possible… which makes alerting useless if it cannot show which resource is in error state.

I was really surprised to discover this as well. Looks like the feature request from 2017 is still open:

It has some related things indeed…

  • alert condition (say we are alerting on count() - include threshold end count())

I’m disappointed in Grafana alerting. Way to complex (you need to be 1st class nerd), horrible documentation, lacking proper examples and basic features.

Hopefully a dev will see this and the feature request will be completed one day, feel free to thumb up the Github feature request