Grafana 8 - Alert annotations - Azure Monitor

Hi, I’m setting up some alerts from an Azure Monitor data source, using Grafana 8.

Just wondering how I can include things like the azure resource group, resource name, etc in the alert message?

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hi @jamesslater

Check out this documentation and see if it helps. You should be able to place labels and template variables in handlebars:

Hi @mattabrams , Thanks for replying, yes i’ve seen that. It talk about using labels. $labels.namespace
but I am right in saying labels are pre-defined somewhere. They are not values pulled from the alerts data source?

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Hi @jamesslater,

You can pass in template variables, and variables are defined in the dashboard settings. Check out this public dashboard:

It has several variables including app. So if you look at the queries, they are using $app in the query. If you wanted to alert on a query that was using the $app variable, then yes, you can pass in the value dynamically into the alert message as "There is a problem with {{ $app }}.

Does that help?

Hi, Thank you for the Dashboard link, that is useful, but in Grafana 8, the alerts are separated from the Dashboards? and in this example I don’t have permissions to edit the alerts to see how they are constructed.

How can this be done with the new Grafana 8 alerts?

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Check this out and see if it helps answer your questions. Some good video demos here:

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