LoRaServer + CayenneLPP + InfluxDB + Grafana + Worldmap panel = Not showing dots on map


I am trying to show locations on Grafana’s WorldMap panel.

First, some context:
Location acmes from embedded devices with GPS (Pycom FiPy + PyTrack). Location is encoded using CayenneLPP codec. Message is transmitted through LoRaWAN by LoRaSERVER, which decode payload and insert into InfluxDB (including Geohash). Grafana has an InfluxDB where data came from.

Here is how LoRaSERVER saves the data into Influx

> show tag keys from device_frmpayload_data_gps_location_20_location

name: device_frmpayload_data_gps_location_20_location








> show field keys from device_frmpayload_data_gps_location_20_location

name: device_frmpayload_data_gps_location_20_location

fieldKey fieldType

-------- ---------

geohash string

latitude float

longitude float

Problem: Nothing is shown in the map.
I have tried with Geohash and coordinates with no success.

I have learned from other sites that WorldMap panel expects Geohash as Tag field. For some reason, LoRaServer is saving Geohash as Field Key.
I wonder if there is a way to use Geohash from Field key, instead Tag key.

Any help is more than appreciated.

With best regards


Dear @amotl,

I know you have wide experience with Grafana World Map Plugin. I have read lots of your comments. Unfortunately, I am still not able to see the information in my map. Your help will be very appreciated.

With best regards


Dear Sebastian,

I believe this detail should not matter here.

Maybe you will be able to get some insights about which settings have not been adjusted appropriately when running our fork of the Worldmap Panel [1,2,3]. It has some additional features which will give you better feedback when toggling the configuration settings.

Feel free to get back to me if you will not be able to get this running. Sharing some excerpts of your data and screenshots of your configuration settings might also help here.

Good luck and with kind regards,

[1] GitHub - panodata/panodata-map-panel: Map Panel for Grafana with improved convenience, robustness and features, actively maintained. Friendly fork of the original Grafana Worldmap Panel.
[2] Developing Grafana Worldmap NG - Benutzerschnittstelle / User interface / API - Hiveeyes
[3] Giving the Grafana Worldmap Panel some love