Loki ruler doesn't trigger

Hi any suggestion what could be root cause?
I’ve deploy loki-stack-2.5.0 via helm chart and set rule


  - name: logs
      - alert: QuestDbInstanceHasError
        expr: |
          sum by (log)(
            count_over_time( {container="questdb"} 
            |=" E "
            | regexp `(?P<log>(?s).+)`
          ) > 0         
        for: 0m
            severity: critical

I see that alerts are read - logs:

loki-0 loki level=info ts=2021-11-11T15:05:50.709721474Z caller=loki.go:272 msg="Loki started"
loki-0 loki level=info ts=2021-11-11T15:05:50.922519612Z caller=mapper.go:154 msg="updating rule file" file=/tmp/scratch/..2021_11_11_15_05_49.801024531/loki-alerting-rules.yaml
05_49.801024531 level=debug msg="Discoverer channel closed" provider=static/0
loki-0 loki level=info ts=2021-11-11T15:05:52.546380023Z caller=mapper.go:154 msg="updating rule file" file=/tmp/scratch/..data/loki-alerting-rules.yaml

But when I push data to logs that contain " E ", it’s not picking it up

loki-0 loki level=info ts=2021-11-11T16:06:55.473852714Z caller=metrics.go:92 org_id=..data traceID=2c484f13acf2ad03 latency=fast query="(sum by(log)(count_over_time({container=\"questdb\"} |= \" E \" | regexp \"(?P<log>(?s).+)\"[1s])) > 0)" query_type=metric range_type=instant length=0s step=0s duration=1.671772ms status=200 limit=0 returned_lines=0 throughput=0B total_bytes=0B

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