Loki chunks deletion

Is it safe to delete Loki chunks (older than a certain number of days in my case).
The disk if full and the log rotation is not working.

I removed manual the old chunks and after that the loki is work, but before that I set in the loki-config.yaml:
table_manager: retention_deletes_enabled: true retention_period: 24h
I do not know why loki did not remove the chunks by itself yesterday, because today I see in the log:
level=info ts=2020-09-09T04:58:27.842738075Z caller=fs_object_client.go:169 msg=“file has exceeded the retention period, removing it” filepath=ZmFrZS9mZmNlMzIwM2M1Yjk1MWY5OjE3NDVjOWRlN2M0OjE3NDVjOWY4NDk5Ojc5ZTg0NTIz