Logging into website with check

I’m trying to login from the login page of my site which opens up the next web page. I’m fairly new to k6 so I don’t know if I need and html look up function to find the places to put the login information. I want it to log in and check if it did and then get the next webpage after the login. So far I have this, thanks in advance. I know my script doesn’t even run but it gives you an understanding of what I’m trying to do. More or less a user scenario that I wouldn’t like to use the recording tool for.

import { sleep, group } from "k6";

import http from "k6/http";

export let options = {

    maxRedirects: 0,

    stages: [

    { duration: "30s", target: 5}, //simulate ramp-up of traffic from 1 to 5 users over 30 seconds

    { duration: "30s", target:5}, // stay at 5 users for 90 seconds

    { duration: "30s", target: 0},  //ramp down to 0 users over 5 seconds



export default function () {

    group('visit page and login', function () {

    // load homepage

    var url = 'https://socialscape.dev.sociallydetermined.com/login';

    var payload = JSON.stringify({

      email: 'aaa',

      password: 'bbb',



    var params = {

      headers: {

        'Content-Type': 'application/json',




    http.post(url, payload, params);


  check(res, {

    'is status 200': (r) => r.status === 200,



I answered you somewhat in the other thread (and, please, stop posting the same thing across multiple threads…). Besides the links I posted there, the following ones might also be of use to you:

Also, the problem with the current script seems to be that you’re not saving the result of http.post() anywhere, while you’re check()-ing a variable named res. So, this should be something like let res = http.post(url, payload, params);