Log naming is not understandable

Above is the chunk naming which is pushed by Loki to my s3 bucket. Is there any logical meaning of this naming convention?

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Not getting what you are trying to convey. Doing POC so it would be great help if you can elaborate little bit.

The filename is not meant to be human-readable. Chunks are files that the Loki database uses to store log data, and the query engine knows how to address & retrieve them.


Once loki push the chunks to the backing store (In our case it is S3). After 30d period Loki deletes the older logs from local storage but it is there in backing store S3. Is there any provision with we can request a log and Loki will retrieve it from baking store to give the appropriate log details. In short any thing which can help Loki to fetch older chunks from S3 which are not present in local memory?