Localisation feedback

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Originally posted by joshhunt on Nov 23, 2022
In Grafana 9.3 we have added 4 new languages to Grafana: Spanish, French, German and Simplified Chinese.

With millions of users across the globe, Grafana has a global footprint. In order to make it accessible to a wider audience, we have taken the first steps in localizing key workflows. You can now set Grafana’s language for the navigation, viewing dashboards, and a handful of settings.

It would be great to get feedback on what areas of Grafana are important for you for us to work on translating and localising next.

As for supported languages, Grafana will be handling the translations with our translation partners, so we are not yet accepting contributions for translations. This is something we would like to accept, through a platform such as Crowdin, in the future, but we have no immediate plans for it.

For any issues with existing translations, please raise an Issue to the Grafana repository so we can triage and investigate appropriately.


@nataliabernarte Excited to see that languages keep expanding! :muscle:

Do you probably have any questions / ideas on Crowdin’s functionality? As a Crowdin representative, I will be happy to assist your team to make localization even more productive :slight_smile: I’ll try reaching you directly, so we can do something great together :slight_smile:

Do you have any roadmap about new languages you would add ?