Load Variable values by pasting values instead of clicking

Actually i want to put values in Variable from somewhere else. Means i dont want to select variable value from Checkboxes.

Dashboard - Link

E.g - In Variable Host, i want to select server1 & server2. But i dont want to click on Checkboxes. Rather i want to copy something like server1 + server2 in variable option and load same thing.

Reason behind this is; i have very large infra and choosing host names by clicking is not possible. I have created a script which will give output of the Servers of which metrics need to be checked. This script can be modifed in order to give output like server1 + server2 or server1|server2 or (server1|server2).

Check images for more explanation


Overall i want to load values of variable by pasting something instead of CLicking on each server as number of servers which i want to select via variable is more then 50.

I am using InfluxDB in background.

Any comments on same?

And what is stopping you to paste/write your own values there now? You should to see blinking cursor alreadt there = you can write/paste whatever you want (of course that whatever can break correct InfluxDB query syntax):