Use a value in a influxdb query defined as key/value variable

I have a variable defined like this:
zone = select ZoneID as __value, Description as __text from fac_Zone

I need the ZoneID for calculating later racks in this zone, and I need the Description for filtering in the dashboard.

Everything works fine up to here, but later I want to query the hostnames that contain the Description, something like this:
SELECT mean(“mean_value”) FROM datasource WHERE (“host” =~ /^pdu-(?i)$zone.+/) AND timeFilter GROUP BY time(__interval),"host"fill(null)

For sure the variable is working fine, I am using the variable to rename the panel, but inside the query is not working well, probably because it doesn’t know how to deal with key/value.

I will really appreciate your help.


I’m looking for the same answer; did you ever solve this?