List 24-hour lows for a 30-day period

So I’m monitoring a solar power system with Grafana and InfluxDB, and I have all the values I need, but I’m hoping to look at a graph of values with the query of “for the last 30 days, show the minimum value of each 24-hour period”, but I have no idea if that’s possible or how to go about querying and displaying it. Can anyone help?

There are definitely a range of different ways to go about doing this, but you want to group your query to the 24 hour periods using GROUP BY time(24h) for your query to look something like this (Influx is not my forte, so YMMV, the important thing here is the group by time):

SELECT min(value) FROM ... WHERE $timeFilter GROUP BY time(24h) fill(null); 

After that, set Grafana’s time pickers from and to values to now-30d/d and now/d respectively. This will give you the minimum value for each 24 hour period, neatly adjusted to midnight.

Thanks, that’s exactly what I needed.