Link issue with data field that contains special character '#'

I have the following panel link :“http://localhost:3000/d/abcd/mydashboard?orgId=1&var-guid=${__data.fields.guid}” The __data.fields.guid contains special character ‘#’. I thought grafana automatically converts special characters to url encoded characters. In a previous version it did and this link gave the expected result. My data field “12345#8” became the url encoded “12345%238” in the link and the link was called correctly. After installing the latest version, this link no longer works. The value “12345#8” remains in the link as “12345#8” and the page is not found. My test to replace the # character in the query was unsuccessful. This is because “12345%238” has now become “12345%25238”. This shows that the % character is url-coded in the usual way, so that this method is of no use to me either. How can I get my original link to work again?

The solution was found in community How to escape variables passed in URL. It needs :percentencode after the variable ${__data.fields.guid:percentencode}.