Line on Time Series visualization disappears

Dear all

I have a panel with a time series visualization working intermittently.
Normally everything lloks fine, but then the line disappears.
Running the mouse over it shows the data-point and clicking on it shows the tooltip with the correct measured value:

The issue appears at the same time Chrome and on Edge.
If I edit the panel to show bars or points instead of lines, the issue seems to disappear.
If I edit it back to line, the line shows as expected, but it disappears when the board automatically refreshes. Reloading the page doesn’t help.

Where should I search for the issue?
I’m happy to provide more information, if needed.

Kind regards, Enpa

Hello Enpa! This seems like a bug. I went trough the reported issues/bugs on github and couldn’t find this issue reported or resolved. Would you mind creating github issue and providing more info on how to recreate this issue?

Hi Ivana,

thank you for your answer.
I’ll open an issue on Github as soon as I can reproduce the bug.
Currently it’s working fine (of course, Murphy’s Law :smile:)

Kind regards, Enpa