Line break in email alert notification

Hello folks, is there any solution to add a line break to the custom email notifications template ?
I have the following template:

{{ define "test_tmpl" }}
{{ if gt (len .Alerts.Firing) 0 }}
FIRING : {{ range .Alerts.Firing }}
{{ if gt (len .Annotations) 0 }}
SUMMARY: {{ .Annotations.summary }}
DESCR: {{ .Annotations.description  }}  
{{ end }}
{{ end }}
{{ end }}
{{ end }}

and I would to add a newline after FIRING and SUMMARY strings. I tried to print a newline character using a Go ‘print’ also html tags and many variants of \n, any attempt doesn’t work. It just print these characters as a plain text, in case with {{print “\n” }} there is no newlines and this command doesn’t print into email as others.
I use Grafana 8.5.5.

@ironbranch there is a fix 9.0.4

Alerting: Preserve new-lines from custom email templates in rendered email by alexweav · Pull Request #52253 · grafana/grafana · GitHub

We’ve also found that different email clients can handle whitespace differently. There is a discussion of that here. The fix in 52253 looks like it incorporates the pre line strategy.