Lincense grafana

Hello friends,

I have doubts.

I could not understand Grafana’s license.

can anybody help me with few words?

I tried to translate but I did not understand.

Grafana does not have the GPL license?

Am I required to contribute , (Contributor License Agreement )?

the company where I work is obliged to buy grafana enterprise?

the company where I work can use grafana with zabbix plugin for free?

I would like very much and use Grafana because it is sensational

sorry about my english.

Please see Grafana does not have GPL - it has Apache License 2.0.

If you want to contribute you have to sign the Contributor License Agreement. Grafana is an open source product - contributing is optional.


Yes, given that you have have access to a Zabbix server - Grafana won’t provide that.