Limit number of series?

I want to graph all my server power consumption stacked.
So I’v made this generic query :
SELECT mean(“current_power”) FROM “snmp” WHERE “agent_host” =~ /^$iDrac$/ AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time($__interval), “agent_host” fill(null)

I’ve 45 “agent_host” whith data but grafana graph only 23. Is there a limit somewhere ?

Grafana 4.2.0-1 and influxdb 1.2.1-1

check your InfluxDB setting max-row-limit options, this was accidentally raised by InfluxDB in 1.2 (before unlimited).

max-row-limit = 10000

It’s not enough ?

It depends on how much data you have for the time range :slight_smile:

It works with 100000.