LDAP/AD Option is not showing in the dashboard in the Latest 10.1.1 OSS Version

I have recently installed the latest Grafana version to v10.1 (latest) from 10.0(preview). The configuration files were copied to the latest version as it is. The LDAP was showing up on the preview version, however when updated to latest version the LDAP option in the UI is gone. I can still see in the logs that the LDAP connects successfully and I am able to Login with an LDAP user.



Same problem with
Image: grafana/grafana:10.1.1

existing user shown with ldap binding, but can’t log with new one from ldap.
No change in ldap.toml and in the logs :
level=info msg=“LDAP enabled, reading config file” file=/etc/grafana/ldap.toml