In version 10.1 I don't see where the LDAP is managed

With the upgrade of Grafana to 10.1 I don’t see the “Server Admin” tab and I don’t know where the LDAP configuration is now managed or the view where I could see the users and groups.

I have the same problem.

it was removed. All the config is handled from ldap.toml.
See here
Please note that I am struggling to get LDAPS to work on :636, though I got LDAP :389 to work quite easily. Note that Microsoft AD uses samAccountName and MemberOf (in place of “Groups”)

i did actually get this to work … the problem was that I had the start_tls flag at the default setting “true” and my LDAP admin had set the server to be Secure-only so any incoming insecure requests on :636 were immediately shut down. This could be seen in Wireshark as a very truncated conversation, whereas all communciations on :389 had a full TLS conversation resulting in a successful connection being established. Note that this was on Grafana 10.1.5 with microsoft AD .

I do feel that this parameter is poorly named and it was not obvious what the effects would be. If it was renamed I would have got there sooner, or if a comment in the ldap.toml stated that initial connection is with TLS and then would go secure, and only if the port is LDAPS (conventionally 636) it would have been more helpful.