Kiosk mode on tablet or mobile

Love the new fullscreen kiosk mode, and the easy to enter icon in 5.3.

When on a mobile device however, there is no [ESC] key.

How can I exit kiosk mode when viewing on a tablet or mobile device?

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I was able to reproduce the problem on Grafana 5.3.2. On my mobile device, there’s no UI element or gesture to leave kisok mode.

I searched the open issues and pull requests on GitHub and haven’t found any. Are you comfortable reporting your issue on GitHub? Maybe you could recommend skipping over the kiosk mode on mobile devices. I’m not sure what would be preferable/possible for the dev team. What do you think?

Quick link to Github issues:

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Thanks for the input. Yes, I’ll go ahead and create a github issue.

Kiosk mode is especially useful in size limited devices, and looks great on tablets. I’d prefer figuring out a way to escape vs disabling on mobile.