Keep getting an error on alarm tab


I’ve been experimenting with grafana for a couple of weeks now, but there is this warning/error keep popping up since the day one. Whenever I create an alarm, it says;

TypeError: e.groupBy is not iterable

I dont have any complex queries or anything. just querying 1 hour data from influx and visualizing it.

This error is really bothering me, I dont know if it effects anything because alarms working without problem.

Anybody has any idea what could be the reason for this error?

Screenshot 2021-07-08 134904

I got this error as well. Interestingly, the same exact query alert DOES work on the Graph (old) visualization, but DOES NOT work on the new Time Series visualization that was recently introduced.

EDIT: I was able to work around the error by duplicating the dashboard & alert that I created prior to Grafana 8, then changed to Time Series visualization, etc. So this error seems to only appear when I build the alert “from scratch”.


Did you figure out what it is effecting exactly? Because it does not look like it breaks anything. alarms working just fine

I did not figure it out, but I did report it via a support ticket (since we pay for Grafana cloud).

OK I think I found out what is breaking. Just realized conditions are not working properly. I have 3 queries, A, B and C

I’m trying to create an alert with conditions (A OR B) but it is only alerting when A is true.

This error appears when I change rangeStart variable on the alert tab.

WHEN avg () OF query (A, 5m, now)

I change 5m to something else and error appears. If I change it back to 5m it is still there.

Does anybody else have any idea what is going on?

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I’m having the same error as you but I didn’t change anything.
Does anyone knows how to fix this?


I still have the same issue !
Does any one found a solution ?