K6 S3Client returns null with K6_DISCARD_RESPONSE_BODIES is true

K6 S3Client returns null with K6_DISCARD_RESPONSE_BODIES is true

Thanks in advance.

I would like to report that the K6 S3Client did not work as expected.

K6 S3Client returns null with K6_DISCARD_RESPONSE_BODIES=true.

Use case:

I don’t want to discard the body of the S3 client response to create test data, but for real load test responses, just checking the HTTP status is sufficient.

Apologies if it’s a known issue or as per spec.

Thank you.

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Hi @i02302

Welcome to the community forum :wave: and thanks for reporting this. We are looking into it and will get back here with our findings. Thanks for your patience.


Hi @i02302 :wave:

I’ve created a dedicated issue in the GitHub repository of the library.

If you have the capacitiy for it, we’d really appreciate if you could bring some additional information to the issue to help issue figure out if it is indeed a bug or the intended behavior, and how we could potentially address it.

Namely, could you provide the most simple example you can come up with of a script you would expect to work, and what you would expect to see happen, and how it behaved instead?

That would be much appreciated, and would support us getting to the bottom of this quicker :bowing_man:

Thank you!

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Hi @eyeveebe @oleiade

Thank you for creating the issue.

In Japan, where I live, it was a consecutive holiday from April 29th to May 8th, so I didn’t notice.
Sorry for the late reply.

From now on, I will add the code to reproduce to the issue.
Please wait for a while.


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I added a repro example to the issue.

Thank you. :pray: :pray:

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