Ignore DiscardResponseBodies in setup

Thanks for the awesome tools.

Currently I am setting the options of k6 to discard response bodies

export const options = {
  discardResponseBodies: true

This will discard all the bodies of the http response in setup and vu step I assumed.

So how could I fetch the JSON response in setup step to use in vu step meanwhile still discard the response bodies in vu step?

I already tried with setting Params.responseType to text but it seems the discardResponseBodies will overwrite set the body to null with this option.

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This is the way to negate discardResponseBodies and get the response body of individual requests. Can you share a code snippet that demonstrates the issue, since I can’t reproduce it. This code works like how you’d expect it to work:

import http from 'k6/http'

export let options = {
    discardResponseBodies: true,

export function setup() {
    let res1 = http.get('https://test.k6.io/');
    console.log(res1.body); // prints null
    let res2 = http.get('https://test.k6.io/pi.php?decimals=3', { responseType: "text" });
    console.log(res2.body); // prints the body

export default function () {

Thanks for taking a look into the issue.

I retried the same code structure and the feature worked flawlessly. What I did was power off the computer and went home :smile: Probably I made a mistake when using responseType. Silly me!

If any issue arises in this category, I will let you know.

Thank you for taking your time. Please consider this issue resolved.