K6 not able to insert data in to influxdb which is hosted over ec2 instance

My Setup is like this:

  1. K6 is running on local machine
  2. Influxdb is running on aws EC2 instance [OS: Unbuntu]
  3. Influx docker image: influxdb:2.0.0-alpha [Quay]
  4. Grafana again running on local machine.

If you run a sample test on k6 to see the results on grafana, data is not loaded on Grafana Dashboard.
When we analysed, we saw no bucket/db is been created in Influx db since we had access to the influxdb UI.
No error has been reported, everything looks fine.
Can someone help me out here?
No able to identify the core problem.

Most obvious answer, but have you checked security group of EC2-instance with InfluxDB?

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Also, try running k6 in verbose mode ( k6 run -v ... ) and see if anything regarding the influxdb output is reported then.