Join two different datasources based on a date

  • What Grafana version and what operating system are you using?

v8.0.2 (5c5d45e19f)

  • What are you trying to achieve?

I’m trying to create a Mixed datasource that contains 2 queries.

  1. Query1 (1 row with the date I need)
  2. Query 2 (multiple rows with the data I need)

Query1 example (1 row with columns):

app; date
“test”; "“20221007”

Query2 example (multiple rows).

app; date; dataset
“my-app”; "“20221007”; “data1”
“my-app”; "“20221007”; “data2”
“my-app”; "“20221007”; “data3”
“my-app”; "“20221006”; “data1”
“my-app”; "“20221006”; “data2”

My goal is to join these 2 queries by “date” and obtain:

app; date; dataset
“my-app”; "“20221007”; “data1”
“my-app”; "“20221007”; “data2”
“my-app”; "“20221007”; “data3”

  • How are you trying to achieve it?

Im trying to use an “outer join” transformation by date (but it only keeps one of the records from Query2

I’ve also tried a Merge, but then I’m not sure how to filter by the date “20221007” without having to provide this specific date manually. The date from Query1 will change daily

Hi, did you find any solutions? I have the same problem(

What data source types are they? sql and postgres?

MySql and elasticSearch, They have common columns, but can’t find he way to join them

What visualization you plan to use?