Jenkins dashboard not loading data

Iam new to grafana, i have configured prometheus and grafana for jenkins which hosted in my local. can you pls suggest.

Hi there!

In order to solve this, it would help if you could share some error messages. To begin, can you hover over one of those red exclamation marks? It should give you some info about the error.

Next, can you do a quick test to make sure your Prometheus datasource is properly configured? Here’s how you do that–it’s just a few steps in the UI:

  • on the main Grafana menu (on the left-hand side) hover over the gear icon and then select Data Sources from the dropdown menu.
  • a window will open showing all your datasources. Click on the Prometheus datasource.
  • Details about the Prometheus datasource will appear. Scroll to the bottom and press the Save and Test button:

A green popup should appear. If you get an error, let us know what it says. Once we have all that info, we can dig deeper and sort this out.