I've connected my Elasticsearch db, but I'm very new to querying

Hello! Just like the title says I’ve connected my Elasticsearch db into Grafana and I see a visualization from the random test, but I’m very new to querying. I do have access to my Kibana index and the terms used in it, but I am lost on how to visualize different metrics in Grafana. The data comes from a ticketing system similar to zendesk. Kibana’s index’s timestamp is “receivedAt” and a few other examples are: resolvedAt, assignedTo, alarmName… etc. I assume I just need to use one or two of these terms in my query but I am not sure how to approach.

Any assistance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


First of all, create the datasource in the Grafana.
To make it simple, create the datasource following the name of the index, such as “my-index”
Then connect to your elasticsearch following the field in the datasource accordingly.

Next, just open the panel in the dashboard and select the datasource, fill the query as per your query in Kibana - DIscovery.
The rest is your imagination to use Grafana as your Data presentation.

Fadjar Tandabawana