Problem Faced with Elasticsearch in Grafana


I am using grafana v8.3.3 and created a datasource connection to elasticsearch version8 which is on an aws server.
the elasticsearch contains ESB data and logs are passed to it through filebeat. Kibana shows the logs properly from the same elasticsearch datasource. However, when I try to visualize same data on Grafana nothing shows up.

Here is the raw Data which says data is missing a number field on grafana:

while on Kibana I see logs:

Does someone know how I can get the same logs on Grafana as they are on Kibana?

Thank you,

@mehrnazakbari, are you able to see the data in the explore view? If you’re not seeing anything there either, then you’ll want to take a look at your datasource configuration. Are you able to share a screenshot here (be sure to obscure any sensitive information).

I can’t tell from the screenshot which visualization type you’ve selected, have you tried the logs panel?

Could you please show us screenshot of how you set up your datasource?