Issue with repeat panel variables

Pretty similar to this issue:

Creating a link that uses repeat panel variables, when clicking the link im getting:

“No such object: my_url/[[variable1]]/[[variable3]] [[variable4]] [[variable5]].html”

Where variable1 is just a name of one of the panel variables.

My grafana version is 7.4.5. Was upgraded to 7.4.5 about half a month ago, and this issue started to occur around the same time.

Any chance the original issue i linked to, re-occurs now?


Hi @tamir5,

In the issue you link, the team reproduced the issue using this dashboard.

When I import that JSON as a new dashboard into v7.5.4, it appears that the repeat panel variables are working. Will this JSON work for you on your 7.5.4 instance? And did you upgrade to 7.5.4 or 7.4.5?