Issue with Grafana and Azure File Share

Hey guy’s,

i’ve got an issue with grafana running as an App Service on MS Azure. I am trying to make grafana persistant over the container restarts and also access some of the files like icons and grafana.ini.

For this purpose i added a storage account to my resource group an in there a File Share:

my plan is to mount these paths there /etc/grafana/grafana.ini, /var/lib/grafana, /usr/share/grafana, /var/log/grafana, /var/lib/grafana/plugins, /etc/grafana/provisioning

this seems to work, however this type of mounting produces an error regarding grafana.db:

i could not figure out a way to restrict the folder permissions of my file share to meet the grafana requirements as written in the log. I would expect, that this should be some sort of standard reqirement for such a service… I would love some insights to this problem! Maybe there is a way to circumvent this alltogether?