Issue with different minimum interval between dashboard panel and source panel?

Hi, I am trying to setup some visualizations for home energy consumption and was hoping to share the Query’s and Transformations between a lot of panels, I am using VictoriaMetrics as data source using Prometheus protocol, running Grafana 9.4.7.

I am pulling data from Enphase Envoy (main consumption), Emporia Vue 2 (ESPHome), some Tasmota Devices, and Control4 light switches.

I am not overly concerned about performance, more so about sharing the queries and transformations (like a SQL view).

Top Shows with 24h as minimum interval, bottom is configured for 24h and shows like top before refreshing, then switches to Source Panel (which is default, see below)

When I click edit, it initially shows, without the 24h being applied, but when I refresh in edit, it then uses the correct minimum interval (I’m only guessing, but seems like maybe when editing it bypasses the source panel and goes to the data source directly)

After hitting apply, it shows in the dashboard correctly until it refreshes

I am also planning on using the shared source in other panels that may have less than 24h intervals (diagrams, averages over last couple hours, etc)

Looking for advice on workarounds or maybe there is some other feature I am missing to implement what I am hoping to achieve.

Should min interval be greyed out when data source is dashboard if it is unsupported to be different from source panel?

My best idea so far is to create a second Daily panel, based off the source panel with a transformation to group/sum by date, but would prefer to be able to just change the minimum if I wanted to have weekly, monthly , etc.

I know I could always duplicate the source panels and maintain both as I identify what circuits are what devices, but would prefer not to.

VictoriaMetrics also seems to support a connection over Graphite, InfluxDB, or OpenTSDB protocols if you think that would help (some type of view like support).