Issue while using multiple query

Hi I am trying to plot a graph using multiple query. But for second query it showing all the value for each data point while in my Data I have only single value for each data point.

In my actual data each date has a unique version number like below.

2022.2/990153 : This is actual version for 2022-04-12
2022.2/989941 : Version for 2022-04-11
2022.2/989814: Version for 2022-04-10
2022.2/989735: Version for 2022-04-09

Ideally It should show only single version for each data points. Although to distinguish this it added unique count infront the corresponding version to 1 but it looks very odd. Is there a way to show only Single version number corresponding to each data point. Here is my Grafana query for this:

Can you use the data tab inside the Grafana Inspector panel to share your data?

Thanks @mattabrams I see it showing only single data (Data of Query A) but there is no data for Query B while Query B data is also available in Graph