Issue to configure repeating Panels and Repeating Rows on Grafana 6.*

Hello Community ,

Issue on Grafana 6.*
We are working with the last version of Helm chart Grafana and I don’t find the way to configure repeating panels and Repeating Rows (


I have the same issue on the last grafana docker images:

  • Grafana v6.7.1
  • Grafana v6.6.0

On Grafana 5.4.5
I seems I work with repeating on Grafana v5.4.5


  • Is there a way to add and edit repeating objects on Grafana 6.*?
  • if not Is it planned to have this key feature of dashboard on Grafana 6.*?
  • It is possible to edit dashboard from G.6.7.1 in G.5.4.5 as workaround (what could contains element not available on G.5, like ‘Logs’)?

Thank you in advance for your help,