Issue regarding applied time range and latest value being displayed


I am trying to build a dashboard with a csv.file as the datasource. This file contains Date and Value. In this case a value for each day from Jan. 1st 2023 till Dec. 31st 2023.

I want to have a stat panel which shows the latest value of an applied absolute time range but regardless of which absolute time range I choose the shown value is always the last value of the csv. file (in my case the value on Dec. 31st 2023). It should however be e.g. the value from Jan. 10th when I choose the time range to be from Jan. 1st till Jan. 10th.

Is that possible?

With kind regards.

Which plugin are you using for the datasource. Also please post sample csv as text here

Configure the dashboard stat panel to dynamically filter data based on the selected time range, ensuring it displays the latest value accordingly. Test the functionality with different time ranges to validate accuracy.

I am using this plugin for csv as the datasource CSV plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs

Sample csv of the first 10 lines of my csv. file which goes on like this till 31.12.2023 00:00:00
01.01.2023 00:00:00,54.9
01.01.2023 01:00:00,28.25
01.01.2023 02:00:00,86.6
01.01.2023 03:00:00,75.97
01.01.2023 04:00:00,40.74
01.01.2023 05:00:00,55.46
01.01.2023 06:00:00,63.7
01.01.2023 07:00:00,50.29
01.01.2023 08:00:00,29.08
01.01.2023 09:00:00,91.86
01.01.2023 10:00:00,7.71

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