Is there known issues with firefox 57?


I’ve recently found that my datasource (Hawkular) doesn’t work with Firefox 57, whereas it’s totally fine with Chrome. When I say “doesn’t work”, I mean the datasource backend requests are even not performed, but the JS console stays silent (often) or cryptic (sometimes - due to minified files).
Tested with Grafana 4.1.2 and also with the latest (4.6.3), same issue.
Is there some known issues with firefox 57, or should I dig a little more and eventually file an issue on github?


That sounds really strange. What does the network tab in Firefox show when you refresh the query? I didn’t do a full test but it looks like the hawkular data source is trying to send a query (in this example, I don’t have Hawkular running):

Thanks Daniel,
This is not the same thing I’m seeing, but if you say it’s weird then I guess you haven’t seen it on other datasources so I’ll investigate more, I must be doing something wrong.