Is there any way to manage dashboard permission by variable?

  • What Grafana version and what operating system are you using? v9.0.4
    Dear team or my colleagues,
    I made multicluster dashboard in one dashboard which includes many information about clusters.
    In this one dashboard there is many other dashboards then i want to grant permission by variable. Is there no way to do that?

For example, In one of multicluster dashboard there is 8 single cluster.
Then i want to devide it by $variable for organization or teams for each users.
Is there no way to do that ?

Could you please let me know or how to grant permission by code??

Thanks, Best regards.

how are the clusters associated to orgs or teams?

Dear yosiasz,
Thanks for recommendation, but it is hard to manage when cluster made by automation system then we have to grant about that permission manually each by each.

I didn’t recommend anything, I was just asking :unamused:

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Dear yosiasz,

is it easy to understand ? ?

Your original post is clear and understandable. I am just asking how are clusters and teams associated with each other?

What is your data source where clusters are stored. What are you querying?

query by thanos_query

In thanos, how are clusters and teams associated with each other?

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Dear yosiasz,
I am going to try resolve this PR for org & team managing.
Thanks, Best Regards.