Is there a way to clear individual Alerts, and to keep annotations?

Perhaps this question is covered in documentation or a different post. If so, please direct me and I will read through it. (It’s possible the search-fu isn’t working properly because there’s too much blood in the caffeine system.) If this discussion topic needs to be recategorized, let me know.

We have a MySQL database on an RHEL server. Grafana server’s on another RHEL server.
We check a good half-million alarming points with multiple criteria, which report on their states. We create alerts from these points when certain types of thresholds are met.
We want to keep the Annotation available for quarterly analysis of issues/resolutions, but want to clear out Alarms if they don’t clear themselves. And we are hoping to do so by individual Alarm.

In a time-series representation, if I attempt a “Clear History” in the Alert Tab–>State History, I receive the message: “Are you sure you want to remove all history & annotations for this alert?”

Is it possible to clear an individual Alert?
Is it possible to keep an Annotation if the Alert series has been cleared?
Is there a different graph representation type where Alerts and Annotations have been decoupled? I’m using the time-series because it seems well suited to our needs, but there might be a “better way”.

Thanks for this great product.

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