Is there a 'value mapping' feature to modify the actual numeric data being plotted?

For example, if a value is NaN then replace it with a different numeric value and plot that value.

As far as I can tell the existing ‘value mapping’ feature only modifies the hover tool tip text and does not change the data being plotted.

I was thinking of using NaN values to store temperature sensor readings that were suspect and therefore couldn’t be trusted, however I don’t see an obvious way of plotting NaNs on a graph that makes sense to a human, so I think I need a way of replacing NaNs for something that would be obvious as an error such as -100.

I think you should explore Grafana’s Value Mapping feature:

The documentation says " Special maps special values like Null , NaN (not a number), and boolean values like true and false to a display text and color."

On a time series graph I need NaN to be translated into a different number for plotting. The existing value mapping functionality doesn’t appear to do that.