Is it possible to turn off info-level messages specifically for alerting in grafana.log?

I am trying to collect info level grafana logs (specifically for query HTTP Status codes), but the alert messages are way too verbose in my environment.
I have attempted to set overall log level to debug, then set context, tsdb, and server filters to info, but that doesn’t appear to have done what I’d like.

filters = alerting.scheduler:error \
          alerting.engine:error \
          alerting.resultHandler:error \
          alerting.evalHandler:debug \
          alerting.evalContext:debug \
          alerting.extractor:debug \
          alerting.notifier:debug \
          alerting.notifier.slack:debug \
          alerting.notifier.pagerduty:debug \
          alerting.notifier.webhook:debug \
          tsdb.graphite:debug \
          tsdb.prometheus:debug \
          tsdb.opentsdb:debug \
          tsdb.influxdb:debug \
          tsdb.elasticsearch:debug \
          tsdb.elasticsearch.client:debug \

this option allows you to set level on per logger basis

I attempted this with alerting:error and that didn’t work. Are you saying that I’d have to list every component of alerting and set that? I will try that.