Alerting questions

Grafana: v9.3.2
I’m very new to Grafana (using with Prometheus) so please forgive my ignorance.

If I have for instance, a DB record count metric and that metric has many servers supplying data for that metric, and I set up an alert for that metric exceeding a threshold by server, when I get an alert:

  1. Will the alert be only for that server DB, or will it be a generic alert for that metric being exceeded?
  2. Will the alert stay in effect until that server record count falls below the threshold?
  3. What is the maximum duration allowed for an alert silence?
  4. What if I know that server is going to be in alert status for an extended period of time? Is there an EASY way to disable only that server’s alert or notification for an extended period?

For Promoetheus Multi-Dimensional alerting, there is a great video here.