Is it possible to override default notification templates?

For example, the Slack integration seems to use the template slack.default.title.

Can I override that by creating a new notification template named slack and define default.title in it? Will that automatically be picked up by all contact points that have Slack integrations?

I’m trying to change the templates globally without having to specify custom title/message templates per contact point.

Hi! :wave:

I’d recommend checking out our docs on this topic, it should be able to answer all of these questions.

From the docs (here):

Your notification template name must be unique. You cannot have two templates with the same name in the same notification template or in different notification templates. Avoid defining templates with the same name as default templates, such as: __subject, __text_values_list, __text_alert_list, default.title and default.message.

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Thanks, it looks like if I want to move away from the horrible default template, I’ll have to define a different template name and then update each contact point to use my template. This is going to be fun.