Can you change the title of a Slack alert dynamically?

I currently have a default title set up for Slack notifications.

{{ define "slack.default.title" }}
{{ .CommonLabels.node_name }} Load Alert
{{ end }}

And a condition where if it’s Firing, show a certain message, and if it’s Resolved, show another.

{{ define "slack" }}
{{ if gt (len .Alerts.Firing) 0 }}{{ template "slack.default.message" .Alerts.Firing }}{{ end }}
{{ if gt (len .Alerts.Resolved) 0 }}{{ template "slack.resolved.message" .Alerts.Resolved }}{{ end }}
{{ end }}

Is there a way to change the title if it’s resolved? I would like it to just be:

{{ .CommonLabels.node_name }} [OK]

I cannot find anything in the docs on how to achieve this, if possible.

You can’t edit the title of an existing Slack message, however the Alertmanager will send another Slack message when its resolved. Perhaps something like this?

{{ if .Alerts.Firing }}[Firing]{{ else }}[OK]{{ end }}

That’s what I meant. One title for Firing state, and a different title for Resolved state.