Is it possible to have Grafana on Vyos Server

Hello guys,

In the last week i was start reading about Grafana and i can say is verry nice witch i whant to have and use.

I whant to install Vyos on an server with 4 network ports and use it as router after 3 weeks of fail with edgerouter and mikrotik witch we end up trowing them at the bin because they just can’t handle 4 tables, 2 national tables and 2 international, i know is like 2m bgp-s but we didnt expect not to handle it, so we have to go build one with Vyos witch i know is ok and can work with whant we whant.

So my confuzion is with Grafana i dont fiind nothink related to this and i`m a bit confused.

Can i install Grafana on the same VYOs server or i need another server or an vm ? On the Vyos server i can think i have to install sompting cuz Grafana has to pull data from somewhere but whant ? :slight_smile: , is there someone here who can a bit give me some hints or directions ?

Thank you guys.