Is it possible to have different Grafana apps interact?

So I still new to Grafana and have a custom Grafana app I made that consists of a chart and a timeline in it. You filter the selected time on the timeline and the chart will only show data from the selected time area.

Now the desire is to move the timeline to its own grafana app/plugin and that interaction functionality is maintained across the two apps. So when there is a new selection on the timeline app, then an event message or something would be either broadcast or sent directly to the chart app and it would update.

I have looked through documentation but haven’t come across this internal Grafana capability. Does it exist in Grafana?

Thanks for any help in advance!

It depends on what interaction your looking for. If you want to change the time range from within a panel, you can call the onChangeTimeRange prop. This will update the current time range for the dashboard.