Is it possible to get an plugin for IBM DB2 datasource


My name is Jürgen Kellner and I’m responsible for ITM6 in our company. We are looking for an replacement for the TEP User-interface. Grafana looks very fine, but one of the biggest problems here was, that Grafana don’t support the IBM DB2 interface. We need this interface, because our customers have very high demands for using historical data. We can’t solved this request with the normal IBM APM plugin. Thats why I asking for this. At the moment this is an showstopper for us to using Grafana.
Best regards Jürgen Kelenr


I’m in the same boat since we use IBM DB2 BLU for a lot of things


Hi Jürgen,
Interested to know if you’ve had any progress with Grafana and Db2/TEPs? :slight_smile:

I’m interested to know if Grafana can hook directly into a TDS Db2 database.


I don’t know anything about DB2. Is it possible to query with sql that is compatible with Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL or Postgres? Grafana has support for those.

Saw this but not sure how compatible DB2 is with Oracle: