Is it possible to draw a Horizontal table in Grafana?

I have DB as below

create table TestSuiteData1 (
testsuite_name VARCHAR(400) NOT NULL,
no_total_test INT NOT NULL,
no_test_passed INT NOT NULL,
no_test_failed INT NOT NULL,
no_test_skipped INT NOT NULL,
execution_date DATE

I want to draw table as below. If “no_test_failed” colounm value is ‘0’ I want that colounm should green else red.

I have data something like below


@mefraimsson any thoughts regarding this ?


Grafanas graph panel nor table panel don’t support such graph. Possible that someone in the community has created a panel plugin that supports this.

Maybe this issue is interesting for you:


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Thanks @mefraimsson sooner or letter I try to develop a plugin for horizontal planels.

I’m using discrete panel plugin to something similar: monitor whether our filter is “Filtering” , “Washing” ,“Closed”, etc…

I think that will help you.

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