Is it possible to dockerize Grafana and drop it into a server?

Hi guys, I would to dockerize my dashboard of Grafana. After that I would to put the image on a server, so that dashboard must be avaible to other machines connected to that server. Thanks in advance to everyone.

It sounds like you want to want to build an image with a default dashboard. Yes, it is possible. However, when you say “…so that the dashboard is available…” do you mean that any USER of the machine that is hosting your Docker container will have access the dashboard? Do you want to isolate each dashboard in it own container? If so, why?

Yes, all the users of all machines that are hosting my docker container will be able to access the dashboard. How could I do that?

What makes one Docker container different than the next? Just the dashboard? Will the users of the server be spinning up the containers themselves, or will you do that as part of the “drop” that you perform?

The dashbord is always the same. I just want to dockerize Grafana and share the image with other user via server

What is the purpose of sharing the image? What will the users do with the image if they have access to it? I assume they’ instantiate it themselves. If you just want to put the docker image on a server’s file system. Look up how to use the Docker “export” command.

Not a docker solution, but you could also make your dashboard portable by making a Terraform template out of it