Is Grafana same as tableau?

Hello Everyone,
I’m the new person who recently joined Grafana Lab community. Basically, I wanted to kne the key difference between Grafana and tableau? I have read that Tableau is more focused on business intelligence. So which one is more suitable to work with servers? Or can we Integrate Grafana with Meitu app?

Is there any expert who can guide me in a great way?
Thanks in Advance.

There is a good explanation here:

Grafana has similarities to tableau but it is much much better imo. We have both and we are liking grafana more.

Both have their strength and weaknesses. But I would go with grafana.

The referenced article has many holes in it.

Hi @brooksleonardo,

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There might be some areas where Tableau could be better than Grafana but overall Grafana is becoming an Industry standard for monitoring, observability etc. (especially in the container world).

More importantly, Grafana offers Open Source Software (OSS) to its users whereas Tableau seems not (to what I found after scrolling at their official website).