IPv6 Only Host as Data Source

Does grafana support reading Prometheus data from an IPv6 only source? I have coreDNS running on an AWS EC2 instance that is IPv6 only and I’m unable to configure a data source in grafana. The host has a AAAA record and an IPv6 addy, but n A record and no IPv4 addy. I’m using a free online grafana.net account to do this. Here’s the error message I see when I try to add the IPv6 only data source:

Hosted Grafana - Datasource Error
Grafana datasource error
There was an issue communicating with your datasource. If you see this message for more than a few moments, please email support@grafana.com

I can access the Prometheus data in my browser from any IPv6 client, and I’ve ensured the security group is open so that any IPv6 host can read it (including the hosted grafana site).

I followed the advice in the error msg and emailed support. They told me they did not support free accounts and did not answer the question. They suggested that I ask here.


Grafana cloud runs on Google Cloud Platform, which is known with poor IPv6 support. I guess that is your problem - GCP.

Are there any news about this problem?
I also evaluated the usage of the hosted Grafana Service today and found, that my IPv6 datasource is not reachable.