Integrate Unity with Grafana

Hi Team. I want to integrate Unity with Grafana. Can someone help me with the same? Your valuable suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

unity as in the game platform?
where does it save its data? doee it have a rest api?

Yes, I’m using Unity for VR (meta headset)

cool stuff

Is there a way to integrate it with grafana? I have followed this link: grafana-panel-unity/ at main · ertis-research/grafana-panel-unity · GitHub

again, what datasource are you trying to visualize or does it have rest api

or is it a database or a file or

I was refering to the previous link. Based on that, I am trying to use Infinity Plugin to upload the files I am getting from Unity in WEBGL format.

gotcha. might be possible to do it using Dynamic Text pluing but it will require a lot of wiring. so using this example

and by moving a lot of the scripting stuff to not be inline in a <script tag but rather in some external .js file you could reference as an external Resource you might be able to do it.